Academic achievement is only a small part of the picture in a student’s life, and is often weighted far too heavily in school admissions offices. American Training School for Medical Professionals selects students based on indicators of their future potential; characteristics including intellectual curiosity, perseverance in the face of adversity, and creativity.

Our Admissions department is available to meet with applicants to discuss program content, objectives, process and eligibility. During the initial interview, eligible applicants will be informed of requirements for admission. Applicants may arrange an interview and a tour with the Admissions department Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm, or Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.   

All newly enrolled students, including those entering ATSMP as a first-time freshman, or as a transferred student are assessed to determine competency levels. High School students should apply for admissions as early in their senior year as possible. Applicants with prior schooling or experience in a related medical field will be evaluated by the school to determine if they are eligible to receive credit towards their chosen program when appropriate minimal standards are met. 

Applicants have the opportunity to audit a class in any program of their choice before enrolling. Class observation allows prospective students to evaluate the faculty, classroom, and equipment, while feeling as a part of the class.   

The General Admissions Requirements are as follows: 
•    Interview with Admissions department
•    High school graduate or GED Recipient  
•    Enrollment application with application fee 
•    Completed submission of registration documents (varies by program)  
•    Entrance Assessment Evaluation

A WES (World Education Services) evaluation is required of all international applicants who have studied outside of the United States. All transcripts from non-US educational institutions – high school as well as any post-secondary transcripts – must be sent directly to WES by the issuing institution. This is a requirement before admission can be granted. 

You can apply for your evaluation on the WES website, and should apply for the course-by-course evaluation if you have completed any university-level coursework. It is critical that you read and follow the "Required Documents" information specific to your country of study to ensure that your evaluation is completed as quickly as possible. If your transcripts and diplomas are not in English, you must provide a certified translation. You will need to list American Training School for Medical Professionals as a recipient of your WES evaluation. 

Once all the required documentation has been received by WES, the evaluation takes 7 business days. For more information, please go to