Student Services

ACADEMIC COUNSELING                                            
ATSMP provides academic counseling to students. Students can meet with advisor or faculty member. The administration and faculty of the school have extensive knowledge and experience in all programs offered at the school and are available to assist students in need of counseling. Our Academic Counselor will explain and discuss academic certification requirements, inform students of ATSMP policies and procedures. He or she will ssist students in developing educational plan.

CAREER COUNSELING                                                
It is important that students make informed decision in planning a career. ATSMP staff members are knowledgeable and up-to-date in technological advances relative to their areas of expertise. The expertise of our staff and their industry connections aid our graduates in starting successful careers. ATSMP faculty is available to students. They also serve as career counselors, mentors and industry experts. Our Career Counselor assists students in preparing a resume, writing a cover letter, performing a job search, developing a portfolio, writing a thank you letter, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews and business etiquette. ATSMP provides employment workshops to all students. During this workshop students learn lots of helpful information about employers and industry. Job Posting Board (updated weekly) is available for each student.


CAREER PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE                                        
ATSMP offers placement assistance for all of its graduates. Of course, no school can guarantee placement, but our commitment to students does not end with graduation. Our goal is to help you start a successful career.  

While students are attending classes and workshops, they may seek employment assistance with the Student Services department who cultivates relationships with the medical field community. The Student Services Manager interviews job-ready students to assess their work skills and determining their employability. It is important for students to actively attend school and show good academic and behavioral status as a qualifying step to receive job placement assistance. In addition to ATSMP School Placement Assistance, students are motivated to engage in self-directed job search, and are welcome to share job leads through the internal job network.  

ATSMP assists students in seeking meaningful employment upon program completion. The school is dedicated to offering students and graduates career development services, including placement assistance.  

ATSMP offers support and assistance with the writing and editing of resumes, including cover letters, formatting and tailoring content to specific job openings.

SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES                                
American Training School for Medical Professionals offers a wide variety of academic support services to students with documented disabilities. A student interested in receiving services should provide documentation of their disability to academic office during the admission. Special plan and design will be provided to accommodate student’s needs. ATSMP facility is easily accessible from its ground floor location. 

American Training School for Medical Professionals complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the American Disabilities Act. If a prospective student who is otherwise qualified requires a reasonable accommodation, he/she should contact the program director.